A Tiny Internet Morse Code Clock

Ham radio enthusiasts are an odd lot with a hobby that few people understand. Why use an outdated communication method when Snapchat is freely available? Ham radio doesn’t even have a puppy ears filter! The answer, of course, is that using the equipment itself is a fun experience. That fascination also extends to other antiquated technologies, as proven by this Internet Time Morse Code Clock.

Clocks that update their time via the Internet are a dime a dozen, but this one is a bit different. Instead of displaying the time on a digital display, Nixie tubes, or having a home assistant device read it out loud, this clock tells you the time in Morse code. The clock has just three visible components: a button, a speaker, and an LED tower. After finding the current time, the LED tower flashes and the speaker buzzes in Morse code with the time.

Inside the enclosure, controlling the whole show, is an Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266. On power up, the ESP8266 connects to WiFi and finds the current internet time. Then, whenever the button is pressed, it converts that to the time in the local time zone. That’s then translated into the HHMM 24 hour format, and pushed to the speaker and LED tower in Morse code CW (continuous wave), which is popular with ham radio operators. It’s probably not the most practical clock in the world, but, as we already established, amateur radio hobbyists are hardly concerned with practicality.


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